Hayden Seek

In my youth times in the village, I was a very strong boy. My moustache made its appearance years before it did on any of my friends. We used to play cricket on the sandbanks of the river running through my village. My team was always the strongest, because even the ball was indebted to me as I had saved its sister from a gang of goons in the past. So it would always come close to my bat, say “Vanakkam Ayya” and allow itself to be hit anywhere. But I never took advantage of my powers because I did not want to spoil my friends. I would always set it up in such a way that the weakest of my friends had an opportunity to be the matchwinner, and grow in confidence because of that. Yesterday, my protege Hayden followed in my footsteps and let Badri finish the job. And he did.


2 Responses

  1. Did you really think Hayden ‘LET’ Badrinath finish the job? Never thought of it that way. I thought Badri did a great job on his own.

    Anyway, landed here unexpectedly, but enjoyed reading the blog.

    • Dear Thozhi,
      You presumed “let” to mean “allow”, but I did not mean it that way. There are two ways – Leadersip and Patronage. To take singles and let Badri be on strike and keep encouraging him to finish the job instead of doing it yourself is patronage. Doing the bold thing of getting out, thereby putting the fate of the team in Badri’s hands, and seeing him step up to the task, is leadersip.

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