Dear friends,

Victory in the house. It is having Idli and filter coffee, and has accepted our invitation to have full meals also. We must convince it to stay on for the semi-final Plaintain bajji and evening tea, and also for the final dinner feast of Thalappaakattu Biriyani. But our gracious guest was almost tempted to try out the Butter Chicken from Patiala yesterday. As part of my daily motivation sessions, I urged Hayden to watch our traditional Jalli Kattu, so that Matt Hayden may transform into “Maattu” Hayden and gore the petulant bowlers of the opposition. But our fielding and catching…..In my village, when farmers carry sackfuls of potatoes and the sack develops a hole in its bottom, potatoes have a tendency to drop out of that hole. Our age old traditional wisdom tells us that we must take that sack aside, let it a enjoy a small vacation while we stitch the hole shut, so that future incidents of potatoes exercising their Right of Gravity can be avoided. In Tamil Nadu, we call sack – “Gony”


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  1. Keep writing, your writing is quite humourous and clean unlike the fake guy.

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